Wakelet Review — Board Collaboration Features

Ngày đăng: 09/05/2023

Good table collaboration is the key to prolific meetings. A good board application will have features that help your team work together. Some of these include convenient navigation between various areas of the white board, voice and video conversation, commenting and voting. A lot of will even have got a timer to keep your conference on track and encourage reliable discussion.

Wakelet’s interface organizes content in Spaces and Collections, and each board can be set up in one of five designs. You can generate posts using a variety of types: Text, Links, Images, Bookmarks, PDFs and Files. Users can also use keyboard shortcuts to work the app more quickly.

Participants can select regions around the board to create quick links that take them there immediately. You can also obtain feedback through your team with click voting and score. The app is liberal to try nevertheless paid ideas have added functions including task folder supervision, external user support and screen posting.

The Conceptboard interface makes it easy to organize planks into particular project directories, and control access in a project level. With a solitary tap, you are able to switch between different planks you’ve distributed to collaborators and discover where the others are working built in via live cursors (their cursor works green when they progress it). It has an endless canvas and drawing tools for creating layouts and paintings. You can also check out who’s modified what and view a time-lapse within the entire board history. This makes it easy to get the entire team on the same page.

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